Village Hall

Picture of Toot Hill Village Hall

Toot Hill Village Hall Solar Panel Project 2024

After receiving feedback from both local residents and the hirers of Toot Hill Village Hall, the Parish Council is progressing the project of installing Solar Panels on Toot Hill Village Hall.  This will  help to lower our carbon footprint, and help reduce the running costs of the hall, thus keeping hall hire fees low.  In order to do this, the Parish Council will need to make changes to the roof of the hall, as it is currently asbestos, and to ensure the hall can safely hold the weight of solar panels. The total cost of the project is expected to be around £50,000.  We have so far secured £15,000 via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, and have taken £15,000 out of our earmarked reserves towards the project.  We also plan to try and source additional funding to get our target figure of £50,000 to complete the project. 

Village Hall Information

Since early 2020, the Toot Hill Village Hall has been owned and managed by Stanford Rivers Parish Council on behalf of its parishioners.  The aim of the Parish Council is to provide a local community hall for the benefit of its residents to hold parties, social events, and to host regular community groups.

The Parish Council hopes to build on the success of the previous guardians of the hall – the Toot Hill Village Hall Management Committee – and the great work and involvement by some of our very active parishioners.  

The hall has a functional kitchen with kettle, microwave and oven, and can accommodate up to 60 people.  With ample parking space at the front, the hall is a great venue for family parties and small functions.

The hall is available to hire between 8am and 11.30pm Monday through to Sunday.    If you wish to hire the hall, please contact the Parish Council at, or on 07737 736365.  See below for current hall hire fees: