The parish council fully supports the national speedwatch programme and we have our own team of volunteers who conduct regular checks on speeding drivers in the parish. If you would like to join the team please email councillor Jackson at melrob.j@talktalk.net.


Inspired by a local resident who developed the a113SpeederBot programme, the parish council have agreed to trial the system itself. The developer of the a113speederbot has cloned their bot and handed a copy to the parish council for use in conjunction with our Community Speedwatch programme.

The current bounding box and village signs are illustrated below, the bounding box is where the bot currently samples data. Drivers that are travelling at speeds equal to or above 150% of the 30 mph speed limit (45 mph) in either direction will trigger the bot. The signs are located at each end of the village.

The bot went live for us on the 6th of November 2022 at 2046 hrs after some initial testing. All data collected will be available publicly and each speed logged will continue to be shared on a113Speederbot social networking accounts, i.e. Twitter and Facebook where you can follow the accounts for the latest updates. Any questions for the developer should be sent through the a113speederbot contact page.

The data available from the SpeederBot system will enable the Speedwatch group to target the worst times of speeding and also individual worst offenders. Essex police have shown interest in this development and will be invited to attend some of our speedwatch sessions and issue fines on a live basis.

Data from 6th of November 2022 is below. If you wish to review historic data prior to this the information is available on the A113 SpeederBot independent website. This analyses data from 23rd of August 2021 onwards (including our data) and has analysis on Daily Highest Speeds and Annual Data, that will be of interest to anybody concerned about speeding drivers through the village. Also available is a blog, whereby interested parties can keep up-to-date with all things related to the bot itself and road safety.

Public data from the newly cloned bot is below, the full spreadsheet can be accessed here.

The columns explained:

  • A: Date & time of logged sample.
  • B: Speed sampled in miles per hour and formatted amber, orange, red in relation to severity of speed.
  • C: Direction of travel, where “+” denotes north and “-“, south.
  • D: The speed logged in (B) as a percentage of the 30 mph speed limit. Entries above 200% (i.e. double) the speed limit are highlighted in red.

The parish council would like to thank the developer of A113 SpeederBot for cloning the bot for our use and for helping us to set up and share our data. We hope the local community will support the bot.

Please note that the parish council are not responsible for, nor do they necessarily agree with content on external websites.