Epping Forest District Council has the responsibility for granting or refusing planning applications affecting our parish. As a statutory consultee, the Parish Council does however get the opportunity to comment on any planning applications made. Details of the Parish Councils comments can be found within the agendas and minutes of our bimonthly meetings (copies available in the relevant section of this website).

In addition, neighbours of the planning applicants are usually notified directly by the District Council and are given an opportunity to make any representations back to them. It is recommended that any neighbours concerns are raised through this channel, and if possible it is also useful to copy your concerns to the Parish Council Clerk. You can find contact details at the bottom of the councillors page of this website. Please use the email option if you can.

The responsibilities of the Planning Department at Epping Forest District Council are many and varied, and include planning to ensure there are a sufficient number of homes in the district for the future. Over recent years, the law regarding planning has changed significantly, and many regulations have been relaxed allowing for certain works to be completed to your home under the new “permitted development” rules. In these cases the planning “application” is often simply a notification of intended work, with the Council issuing a Certificate to ensure the work you do is lawful. Still, should you have concerns do make sure the relevant department is made aware of them and try to let our clerk know about them as well.