Parish Council Team

Photo of Councillor John Glover

Cllr John Glover – Chairman – EALC – Local Liaison

Tel 01277 362169 email

Photo of Councillor Robert Jackson

Cllr Robert Jackson – Vice Chair – Highways Issues

Tel 07785 370566 email

Photo of Councillor Ted Saridja

Cllr Ted Saridja

Tel 07903 348970 email

Photo of Councillor Basil Hollington

Cllr Basil Hollington

Tel 07813 925763 email

Photo of Councillor Matt Tallon

Cllr Matt Tallon

Tel email

Photo of Councillor John Adams

Cllr John Adams – Website, Neighbourhood Watch

Tel 07949 922516 email

Picture of Councillor Sheila Jackman

Cllr Sheila Jackman – Also vice-chairman of the Essex Association of Local Councils, chairman of the Ongar and District Healthcare League of Friends and chairman of the Epping Forest Housing Aid Scheme.

Tel 01277 363740 email

Clerk to the Council: Adriana Jones; Ware Farm: The Street: High Roding: Essex: CM6 1NT:

Tel; 07737 736365      email

Declarations of Members Interests

John Glover Member Interests 2021

Robert Jackson Member Interests 2021

Turgut Saridja Member Interests 2021

Matt Tallon Member Interests 2021

Basil Hollington Member Interests 2021

John Adams Member Interests 2021

Sheila Jackman Member Interests 2021