Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch logo.

The Parish Council supports a Neighbourhood Watch scheme for any parishioner who wishes to join. See below for details of how to become part of the scheme.

The scheme primarily operates through two social media groups, Facebook or WhatsApp. Members report anything untoward on one of these groups and the information is then instantly available to everyone else, a simple but very effective concept. We also report other useful information such as accidents and road closures as well as details from police crime reports. Councillor John Adams manages the scheme, to join follow the information given below.

  • Facebook – In the Facebook search bar enter Stanford Rivers Neighbourhood Watch then select the groups tab and request to join. As soon as your request is authorised your a member.
  • WhatsApp – send a request to join the group via email to you will need to provide your mobile number and specify it is the WhatsApp group you wish to join.

Please do not use these groups to advertise for local services.