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Consultation on Local Council Tax Support scheme for 2019/20


Your rubbish, your responsibility ! Have a look at this leaflet , it basically explains that if your rubbish is fly-tipped it is you who are responsible and are likely to be fined. You have a duty to make sure you only use reputable services to get rid of your rubbish.

Epping Forest District Council deal with fly-tipping, to report an incident follow this link .


To the Manor Born

Joel Goldman, the current Lord of the Manor duly met a group of Parishioners at the Village Hall on the 12th September: a pleasant evening was had by all. It seems he had only driven through the Parish a couple of times, but had never spoken to anyone and from the residents side we were delighted to meet him after Cllr John Glover’s detective work.

Joel Goldman – Lord of the Manor

During the Reception the idea of creating an archive of the history of Stanford Rivers was raised and Mr Goldman kindly offered the original research papers that his grandfather made when writing his book on the history of the Manors. .

Harold M Scott

Harold Scott purchased the Lord of the Manors of Stanford Rivers, Bellhouse and Traceys in 1965 for the sum of £285. Although he was never a resident in the Parish he was drawn to the area and devoted 5 years of research in compiling an historical book on Stanford Rivers which was published in 1974. From one of the few tatty copies still in existence, Parish Council Chairman John Glover has reproduced hardback versions which are available at £25.

An Historic Meeting with Lord of the Manor


Our Speed Watch Programme has started.

The aim is to deter speeding through our villages.

Our first operations were all at the weekend and in Stanford Rivers, but future sorties will encompass Toot Hill and also be conducted during the weekday rush hour, once daylight permits.

Drivers reported for speeding will receive a letter from the Police for a first offence.

So far we have 12 volunteers and tend to operate in groups of three: if you would like to join us, please contact Councillor Robert Jackson (07785 370566). The frequency of patrolling is purely up to the individual: their inclination and circumstances.

The radar gun is just one of a series of measures with the aim to make our roads safer. If you see an example of reckless driving, take the vehicle particulars and phone 101. The Police will follow up your call.